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All of our designs are custom made, professionally done, and guaranteed to be perfect for your company website. We specialize in High Quality business web designs by providing you with service that cannot be found elsewhere. We start off with the quality customer support that you find at your local neighborhood small businesses, and finish off with a product you find find anywhere else.

Have you made your decision yet? Have you browsed through our Portfolio and had a look to see the kind of quality you’ll be receiving? Contact us today, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Questions or Concerns?

Please don’t hesitate to ask or get in touch with us. You can reach us multiple ways, view our Contact Page.


While the design I was after had already been sold Legit Design have some fantastic designs and were very friendly and professional when I spoke to them yesterday. - Jack - Zomex

Received the coded files and am very satisfied with the results! Everything was included - GORF - WHT

You have an excellent portfolio as well as amazing prices, we will be considering you the next time we need a new design - VPSLatch Adam

I will personally tell you that if you need someone that is going to work hard for you and treat you like you would treat your customers and go out of your way for you then you need Alex from LegitDesigns. - Richard Gorman JR - ITPenguins

We use Legit Designs for all of our design work A* Work from Alex, and we'll be continuing to use him in the future. - Liam - AvenueHost